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Security CBT CD

This CD contains important familiarization and knowledge that seafarers and shoreside staff require when working with vessels: from new threats such a cyber-security, as well as best practices pertaining to piracy, armed robbery, stowaways and general ship security.
Using state-of-the-art computer based tools, the Cyber & Ship Security CBT offers a concise, multimedia-rich, interactive self-learning course. Whether on land or at sea, this training provides an effective tool to increase the competence, confidence and preparedness of your ship Masters and their crew.
This globally based training CD is replacing the current Somalia based Anti-Piracy Best Management Practices (BMP) CBT, and can be used on ships of all flags.

Cyber & Ship Security Computer Based Training CD $250.00 Single
eRLM-300 CD-Rom Electronic version of RLM-300 (Discount applies for purchase of 5 CD's and up. Please contact publications) $100.00 Single
RLM-110 Articles of Agreement $100.00 Set of 10
RLM-112 Official Log Book $125.00 Set of 10
RLM-120 Ozone Depleting Substances Record Book (ODS) $100.00 Set of 2
RLM-121 Oil Record Books (Part I) - All Ships $100.00 Set of 10
RLM-121A Oil Record Books (Part II) - Oil Tankers $100.00 Set of 10
RLM-124 Ballast Water Record Book $100.00 Set of 10
RLM-125 Garbage Record Book $100.00 Set of 10
RLM-125A Garbage Record Book $100.00 Set of 10
RLM-300 Maritime Law, Regulations, Notices & Requirements Combine Publications Folder $75.00 Single
RLM-333 Cargo Record Books - Ship carrying NLS $100.00 Set of 10
RLM-338 Operational Safety Checklist $100.00 Set of 10

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