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The Liberian Registry is proud to introduce the Anti-Piracy Best Management Practices (BMP), an innovative course designed to avoid, deter or delay acts of piracy and to comply with the industry’s best management practices.

Using state-of-the-art computer based tools, the BMP offers a concise, multimedia-rich, interactive self-learning course. Whether on land or out at sea, the security training CD can run on any PC, providing an effective tool to increase the competence, confidence and preparedness of your ship Masters and their crew.

To order Liberia’s “Anti-Piracy BMP” training CD, please complete this image order form and submit to publications@liscr.com.

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Jorgen Palmbak, Director of Maritime Security
8619 Westwood Center Drive, Suite 300
Vienna, Virginia 22182 USA

Tel:  +1 (703) 251-2405
Fax:  +1 (703) 790-5655
E-mail:  Jorgen.Palmbak@liscr.com or security@liscr.com

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