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Ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality for vessels under our flag
By virtue of our fleet's outstanding reputation, our vessels benefit from reduced port state control inspections and streamlined port call process, resulting in tangible cost savings due to fewer delays.

Reduced Exam Frequency


1 - 2 Years

Every Year
3 Years

2 Years

Annual exams of these vessels will be eliminated and replaced with biennial exams

Annual Midperiod Exam of reduced scope
*Captain of the Port may continue to examine these ships when overriding factors are present.
Liberian Registry, a QUALSHIP 21 Flag
The United States Coast Guard (USCG) QUALSHIP 21 program recognizes vessels and their respective registries which have successfully met specified safety, regulatory, and quality requirements when calling at ports in the United States. By adhering to these rigorous standards, we demonstrate our continuous efforts to deliver exceptional services which help guarantee the Liberian fleet’s operational excellence. 
For more information about the QUALSHIP 21 Program: Visit www.dco.uscg.mil or scan the QR below.

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