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Electronic Record Books (ERBs)

List of Approved Electronic Record Books (ERBs)
CompanyERBSoftware VersionIssue DateExpiry Date
ABS Digital SolutionsE-Logs1.x.x17-Feb-202317-Feb-2026
CHERSOFT LTD.Chersoft Digital Log Books1.6.x.xx30-Nov-202230-Nov-2025
IB SrlInfoSHIP ORB2.x.x.x.x29-Sep-202329-Sep-2023
Ingenium Marine ME LLCIngenium Marine ME LLC2.x.x.x29-Sep-202329-Sep-2023
MARIAPPS Marine Solutions Pte. Ltd.MariApps eRBooks4.0.x.x18-May-202218-May-2025
MARSIG mbHSearecs2.2.x.y03-Feb-202303-Feb-2026
NAPA LtdERB; NAPA Ltd2021.x.x13-Mar-202218-Mar-2025
NAVTOR ASDigital Logbooks Version 2.x.x (Green Logs, eZ-orb ERB)2.x.x.x04-May-202304-May-2026
Prevention at Sea LtdE-ORB104-Oct-2016N/A
Prevention at Sea LtdE-ORB201-Oct-202030-Sep-2023
RINA Consulting S.p.A.RINA CUBE ELB1.2011-Nov-202110-Nov-2024
Raytheon Anschutz GmbHAnschutz eLogE00.xx23-Jan-202323-Jan-2026
Volteo Maritime Pte Ltd.Wayship1.0.6229-Aug-202229-Aug-2025

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