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Why Us

Why Us
Personalized Service and Industry Expertise
We combine the highest standards of vessel and crew safety with a passion for high-quality service to shipowners
Largest Flag Worldwide
Representing over 16% of the world's ocean-going fleet
Energy Transition Support
Committed to helping our stakeholders navigate the complexities of decarbonization efforts
China Port Savings
Our flagged vessels qualify for 28% savings on all port dues in China
Global Presence
Your global partner for success
Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU Whitelisted
Ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality for vessels under our flag
Innovations and Technology
Driven by a culture of innovation, our solutions are designed in-house, giving us a uniquely unified approach to problem-solving
Harmonized Audit
Program & C-BFA
We are the ONLY registry in the WORLD that provides Harmonized Audits
IMO Council Category
A Member
In 1959, Liberia became a charter member of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)
Qualship 21
The GOLD Standard in Maritime Quality and Safety

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