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Registered Agent: The LISCR Trust Company
The LISCR Trust Company (the “Registered Agent”) was appointed by the Government of the Republic of Liberia to serve as the exclusive registered agent for all Liberian non-resident corporate entities. The principal role of the Registered Agent is to provide a registered office address for receiving service of process and/or legal notices on an entity’s behalf, receive filing instructions, and issue annual invoices and notices. The Registered Agent also serves as the official depository for mandatory annual declarations as well as any other corporate documents that a Liberian entity voluntarily records outside the public register.
The Registered Agent’s address for all non-resident Liberian entities is:  
The LISCR Trust Company
80 Broad Street
Monrovia, Liberia
*Postal address for mail delivery is:
The LISCR Trust Company
Petereva Building
10th Street & Tubman Boulevard,
Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia

Service of Process
Service of process (a legal notice or demand issued by a court outside of Liberia) will need to be served through the Registered Agent at the legal entity’s registered office address, that is: c/o The LISCR Trust Company, 80 Broad Street, Monrovia, Liberia.

Service of process submitted via email or via mail courier service is not considered legally proper by Liberian Law. To institute legal proceedings against a Liberian legal entity in accordance with the Liberia Code of Laws Revised, Title 1, Civil Procedure Law, legal notices should be served using a ministerial officer of the court in Liberia (and not simply couriered to the Registered Agent or sent by email). The effective date of service is the date upon which papers are correctly served by an Officer of the Court and received by the entity’s Registered Agent, The LISCR Trust Company, in Monrovia. The LISCR Trust Company, as the Registered Agent, will then forward the papers by courier to the legal entity’s address maintained in the LISCR Trust Company’s records.

Neither LISCR, LLC (US) nor its offices worldwide act as an agent or representative of a Liberian non-resident legal entity and no service of process can be submitted through LISCR, LLC or its offices in other jurisdictions.

Clients should contact an attorney licensed to practice in the Republic of Liberia to serve documents properly on the entity through the Liberian legal system. A list of Liberian lawyers located in Monrovia can be provided upon request.

eCorp© is the Corporate Registry’s web-based client interface that provides clients with a secure, convenient, real-time, 24/7 access to their accounts to:
  • Form new corporations
  • Reserve names for new corporations
  • Monitor the status of their existing corporations
  • Obtain Certificates of Incorporation and Goodstanding
  • Obtain copies of invoices
  • Make payments via credit card and drawdown account
Please contact Corporate to obtain log-in credentials to access eCorp©.

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