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The Liberian Administration has accepted Iridium as a recognized Maritime Mobile Satellite Service (MMSS) for providing GMDSS services and the dissemination of MSI. Therefore, approved Iridium GMDSS terminals may be installed on Liberian flagged vessels for compliance with the applicable requirements of SOLAS Chapter IV regarding GMDSS and MSI.

Iridium has designated several communication companies around the world as their designated GMDSS service providers. In turn the Liberian Administration has recognized some of the Iridium GMDSS service providers for activation of Iridium terminals on Liberia flagged vessels on behalf of the Administration.

Iridium GMDSS terminals installed on Liberian flagged vessels must be activated, and when appropriate deactivated, by one of the Iridium GMDSS service providers recognized by the Administration. A list of the Iridium GMDSS service providers recognized by the Administration can be found using the link shown below.

Any Iridium terminal installed on board a Liberian flag ship must be reported to the Administration in accordance with international telecommunication rules (ITU) for amendment of the vessel’s radio station license, for verification of compliance with SOLAS Chapter IV requirements, and inclusion in the Administration’s communication database.To this end the recognized Iridium GMDSS service provider will forward to the Administration the Iridium GMDSS terminal information needed for registration of the terminal in the Administration’s communication database, for amendment of the vessel’s radio station license to indicate Iridium as the ship earth station and GMDSS terminal(s), for inclusion of the terminal information in the ITU Report, and for updating the COSPAS-SARSAT database, as appropriate.

The Administration will issue the vessel an amended Ship Radio Station License as appropriate to indicate the activation of Iridium GMDSS terminals.


image Marine Adviory 02/2022


image List of Recognized Iridium GMDSS Service Providers

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