Internal Audit Services

SeaNet Verification Services, a partner of the Liberian Registry, offers an internal audit service which acts as a facilitator to connect professional auditors available to conduct internal ISM/ISPS audits.

The purpose of this service is to reduce the burden of shipowners, operators and managers, and to provide more flexibility on the location and timing of internal audits.


  • Receive a high caliber audit conducted by a professionally trained and experienced ISM/ISPS auditor.
  • Flexibility around the location of your internal audits.
  • Meet internal audit requirements and annual deadlines required by your Safety Management System.
  • Reduce company travel expenses.
  • Save time and meet deadlines by reducing technical staff workload.

For additional information, please contact:

Nicholas Campbell, Assistant Manager Audits and Inspections
22980 Indian Creek Drive, Suite 200
Dulles, Virginia 20166 USA

Phone: +1 703 495 5924
Fax: +1 703 790 5655
To schedule an Audit -

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