Ballast Water Type Approvals

BWMS Manufacturer BWMS Name Country Process Models approved Type Approval certificates
TECHCROSS INC Electro-Cleen Systems Korea Filtration + Electrolysis / Electrochlorination ECS-450B, EX-ECS-600B, ECS 1000-A, EX-ECS-1000B
NEI Treatment Systems, LLC Mitsubishi VOS System USA Deoxygenation + Cavitation VOC-500 to VOS-6500
Ecochlor, Inc. Ecochlor BWT System USA Filtration + ClO2 Ecochlor Series 75, Series 100, Series 150, Series 200, Series 250, Series 300
PANASIA CO., LTD. GloEn-Patrol Korea Filtration + UV GloEn-P250, GloEn-P300, GloEn-P350, GloEn-P500, GloEn-P700, GloEn-P750, GloEn-P750-EX, GloEn-P900, GloEn-P1000, GloEn-P1200, GloEn-P1200-EX, GloEn-P3000, GloEn-P350-EX, GloEn-P1000-EX
Hyde Marine Inc. Hyde GUARDIAN USA Filtration + UV HG450, HG2500X
Wuxi Brightsky Electronic CO., Ltd. BSKY BWMS China Filtration+ UV BSKY250, BSKY500, BSKY700, BSKY1000, BSKY900X2
Alfa Laval Tumba Pure Ballast 2.0
Pure Ballast 3.0
Sweden Filtration + Advance Oxidation Technology Pure Ballast 2.0, Pure Ballast 3.0.3.OEX, Pure Ballast 3.1/3.1EX
Hyundai Heavy Industries HiBallast Korea Filtration + Electrolysis HiB-2000-Ex, HiB-2000, HiB-300, HiB-300-Ex, HiB-500, HiB-500-Ex, HiB-600, HiB-600-Ex, HiB-900, HiB-900-Ex, HiB-1000, HiB-1000-Ex, HiB-1200, HiB-1200-Ex, HiB-1500, Hib-1500-Ex
JFE Engineering Corporation JFE BallastAce Japan Filtration + Cl2 BallastAce-1500
Samkun Century Co. ARA Plasma Korea Filtration +Plasma + UV ARA Plasma BWTS ARA-068
Miura Co., Ltd Miura BWMS Japan Filtration + UV Miura BWMS 200 ~ 1800 m3/h
NK Co., Ltd BlueBallast Korea Ozone + Br2 BlueBallast NK-O3-250, NK-03-150, NK-03-050
Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Ltd Oceanguard China Filtration + Electrocatalysis Oceanguard HMT 50 ~ HMT 4000
Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd BalClor BWMS China Filtration + Electrolysis BC-300, BC-500, BC-1000, BC-1500, BC-2000, BC-2500, BC-3000, BC-3500, BC-4000, BC-5000, BC-6000, BC-7000
Ocean Saver AS MK II Norway Filtration + Electrolysis MK II - 3200 and 5200 m3/h
Trojan Marinex Trojan Marinex Canada Filtration + UV BWT 150-1500
Erma First ESK Engineering Solutions S.A. Erma First BWTS FIT / Erma First BWTS Greece Filtration + Electro-Chlorination Erma First BWTS: FIR75, FIT 100/200, FIT300, FIT400, FIT600, FIT 800, FIT1000, FIT 1200, FIT 1500, FIT 2000, FIT 2500, FIT 3000 (Filters)
Erma First BWTS: 500, 800, 1000 (Cyclones)
Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Purimar TM Ballast Water Management System Korea Filtration + Electro-Chlorination SP-100
Veolia Water Technologies Deutschland GmBH CleanBallast Germany Filtration + Electrolysis CleanBallast 500-1
Shanghai Cyeco Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Cyeco China Filtration + UV Cyeco-B1000
Wartsila Water Systems Ltd. Wartsila Aquarius United Kingdom Filtration + Electrolysis,         Filtration + UV AQ-3000-EC, AQ-250-UV/UVX
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC SeaCURE USA Filtration + Electrolysis SEACure Models SC-1500/1, SC-F-1600-1600/2, SC-F-2000-2000/2, SC-F-3000-3000/2, SC-F-4000-4000/2, SC-F-5000-5000/2, SC-F-6000-6000/2
Optimarin A/S Optimarin Ballast System Norway Filtration + UV OBS and OBS Ex/Models 50-3000
COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Col, Ltd. Blue Ocean Shield China Filtration + UV BOS05-100~1600
Kuraray Co, Ltd. Microfade BWMS Japan Filtration + Calcium Hypochlorite MF 250~2000
HANLA IMS Co, Ltd. EcoGuardian Korea Filtration + Electrolysis Non-EX Proof:  EG-0500/0800/1000/1500/2000
EX-Proof: EG-0500-Ex/0800-Ex/1000-Ex/1500-Ex/ 2000-Ex/2600-Ex/3000-Ex
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC SeaCURE USA Filtration + Electrolysis SC-F-500~6000
NK Co., Ltd BlueBallast Korea Ozone + Br2 NK-O3 BlueBallast II PLUS - 200~8000 
HANLA IMS Co., Ltd. EcoGuardian NFTM Ballast Water Management System Korea Electro-Chlorination Non-EX Proof:  EGNF0130/0250/0350/0500/0800/1000/1500/2000/2600/3000/3600/4000/5200/6000.
EX-Proof: EGNF0130-Ex/0250-Ex /0350-Ex /0500-Ex /0800-Ex /1000-Ex /1500-Ex /2000-Ex /2600-Ex /3000-Ex /3600-Ex/4000-Ex /5200-Ex /6000-Ex.


Approval of Active Substances:
If BWMS uses Active Substances, Active Substances need to be approved by IMO to evaluate environmental risk in accordance with G9 (Resolution MEPC. 169(57)).

Approval of BWMS:

  1. BWMS’s approved in accordance with G8 (Resolution MEPC. 174(58)) and installed onboard before 28 October 2020, have been additionally assessed by the Liberian Administration taking into consideration guidance provided in BWM.2/Circ.43/Rev.1.
  2. BWMS installed on ships on or after 28 October 2020 shall be approved in accordance with the BWMS Code. While BWMS’s approved to the BWMS Code by other Administrations may be installed on Liberian flagged ships without additional assessment, the Administration is also undertaking type approval of BWMS under the BWMS Code, including submitting applications for basic and final approval to the Organization under Guidelines (G9). Manufacturers should contact the Administration at for information on the type approval process

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