Ballast Water Type Approvals

BWMS Manufacturer BWMS Name Country Process Models approved Type Approval certificates
TECHCROSS INC Electro-Cleen Systems Korea Filtration + Electrolysis / Electrochlorination ECS-450B, EX-ECS-600B, ECS 1000-A, EX-ECS-1000B
NEI Treatment Systems, LLC Mitsubishi VOS System USA Deoxygenation + Cavitation VOC-500 to VOS-6500
Ecochlor, Inc. Ecochlor BWT System USA Filtration + ClO2 Ecochlor Series 75, Series 100, Series 150, Series 200, Series 250, Series 300
PANASIA CO., LTD. GloEn-Patrol Korea Filtration + UV GloEn-P250, GloEn-P300, GloEn-P350, GloEn-P500, GloEn-P700, GloEn-P750, GloEn-P750-EX, GloEn-P900, GloEn-P1000, GloEn-P1200, GloEn-P1200-EX, GloEn-P3000, GloEn-P350-EX, GloEn-P1000-EX
Hyde Marine Inc. Hyde GUARDIAN USA Filtration + UV HG450, HG2500X
Wuxi Brightsky Electronic CO., Ltd. BSKY BWMS China Filtration+ UV BSKY250, BSKY500, BSKY700, BSKY1000, BSKY900X2
Alfa Laval Tumba Pure Ballast 2.0
Pure Ballast 3.0
Sweden Filtration + Advance Oxidation Technology Pure Ballast 2.0, Pure Ballast 3.0.3.OEX, Pure Ballast 3.1/3.1EX
Hyundai Heavy Industries HiBallast Korea Filtration + Electrolysis HiB-2000-Ex, HiB-2000, HiB-300, HiB-300-Ex, HiB-500, HiB-500-Ex, HiB-600, HiB-600-Ex, HiB-900, HiB-900-Ex, HiB-1000, HiB-1000-Ex, HiB-1200, HiB-1200-Ex, HiB-1500, Hib-1500-Ex
JFE Engineering Corporation JFE BallastAce Japan Filtration + Cl2 BallastAce-1500
Samkun Century Co. ARA Plasma Korea Filtration +Plasma + UV ARA Plasma BWTS ARA-068
Miura Co., Ltd Miura BWMS Japan Filtration + UV Miura BWMS 200 ~ 1800 m3/h
NK Co., Ltd BlueBallast Korea Ozone + Br2 BlueBallast NK-O3-250, NK-03-150, NK-03-050
Qingdao Headway Technology Co., Ltd Oceanguard China Filtration + Electrocatalysis Oceanguard HMT 50 ~ HMT 4000
Sunrui Marine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd BalClor BWMS China Filtration + Electrolysis BC-300, BC-500, BC-1000, BC-1500, BC-2000, BC-2500, BC-3000, BC-3500, BC-4000, BC-5000, BC-6000, BC-7000
Ocean Saver AS MK II Norway Filtration + Electrolysis MK II - 3200 and 5200 m3/h
Trojan Marinex Trojan Marinex Canada Filtration + UV BWT 150-1500
Erma First ESK Engineering Solutions S.A. Erma First BWTS FIT / Erma First BWTS Greece Filtration + Electro-Chlorination Erma First BWTS: FIR75, FIT 100/200, FIT300, FIT400, FIT600, FIT 800, FIT1000, FIT 1200, FIT 1500, FIT 2000, FIT 2500, FIT 3000 (Filters)
Erma First BWTS: 500, 800, 1000 (Cyclones)
Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. Purimar TM Ballast Water Management System Korea Filtration + Electro-Chlorination SP-100
Veolia Water Technologies Deutschland GmBH CleanBallast Germany Filtration + Electrolysis CleanBallast 500-1
Shanghai Cyeco Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Cyeco China Filtration + UV Cyeco-B1000
Wartsila Water Systems Ltd. Wartsila Aquarius United Kingdom Filtration + Electrolysis,         Filtration + UV AQ-3000-EC, AQ-250-UV/UVX
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC SeaCURE USA Filtration + Electrolysis SEACure Models SC-1500/1, SC-F-1600-1600/2, SC-F-2000-2000/2, SC-F-3000-3000/2, SC-F-4000-4000/2, SC-F-5000-5000/2, SC-F-6000-6000/2
Optimarin A/S Optimarin Ballast System Norway Filtration + UV OBS and OBS Ex/Models 50-3000
COSCO Shipbuilding Industry Col, Ltd. Blue Ocean Shield China Filtration + UV BOS05-100~1600
Kuraray Co, Ltd. Microfade BWMS Japan Filtration + Calcium Hypochlorite MF 250~2000
HANLA IMS Co, Ltd. EcoGuardian Korea Filtration + Electrolysis Non-EX Proof:  EG-0500/0800/1000/1500/2000
EX-Proof: EG-0500-Ex/0800-Ex/1000-Ex/1500-Ex/ 2000-Ex/2600-Ex/3000-Ex
Evoqua Water Technologies, LLC SeaCURE USA Filtration + Electrolysis SC-F-500~6000
NK Co., Ltd BlueBallast Korea Ozone + Br2 NK-O3 BlueBallast II PLUS - 200~8000 (Provisional Approval, pemding issuance of Type Approval Certificae under BWMS Code)  


Approval of Active Substances:
If BWMS uses Active Substances, Active Substances need to be approved by IMO to evaluate environmental risk in accordance with G9 (Resolution MEPC. 169(57)).

Approval of BWMS:
BWMS is needed to be approved by the administration to evaluate efficacy in accordance with G8 (Resolution MEPC. 174(58)) taking into consideration guidance provided in BWM.2/Circ.28 as amended by BWM.2/Circ.43.

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