Maritime Document Verification

Certificates for Liberian flagged vessels, excluding LRIT certificates, will be issued with the Administration’s tracking identification (TID) number to enable port state officials and other parties to verify the validity of the certificate using the verification tool below. Once issued, the original certificate with the Liberian Administration’s TID number must be carried on the vessel at all times and must be presented on demand to the authorities of any State party while a certified vessel is within the jurisdiction of such State.

As of October 2, 2006, the Liberian Administration started issuing certificates and documents with the printed signature and stamp/seal of the Deputy Commissioner, Republic of Liberia, and that correspond in form to the models given in SOLAS, MARPOL and other relevant conventions.

Additional information on the certificates and documents and for confirming their authenticity is available in a image letter issued by the Republic of Liberia, Liberia Maritime Authority.

Enter the Tracking Identification Number (TID) located at the bottom of the certificate or document and the date of issue or vessel's IMO number in the fields * below to verify its authenticity.

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