Order Publications

The following options are available to order Publications:

Option 1: Order using your existing WayPoint account

  • Click here to access your account: WayPoint  
  • If you are ordering publications for a Liberian-flagged vessel shown in your fleet list, choose 'Order Vessel Publications'. Type the name of the Vessel in the search box and choose it from the list that appears.
  • If placing one order for multiple vessels or non-Liberian vessels, please choose 'Order Client Publications'
  • Click on the 'Start' button to start your order
  • Make sure you complete the work order, add it to your cart, and check out in order to submit the order for processing by LISCR staff. Once you place the order, the system will display a confirmation message.

Option 2: If you do not have a WayPoint account

  • Click here to request an account: WayPoint
  • Complete the request and submit it for approval
  • Once your account is approved, you will receive an email with a temporary password
  • Follow the steps in Option 1 above to order your publications


Item Description
eRLM-300 USB drive version of RLM-300  
RLM-300 Maritime Law, Regulations, Notices & Requirements (Combined Publications Folder)
RLM-110 Articles of Agreement  
RLM-112 Official Log Book  
RLM-120 MARPOL Annex VI - Ozone Depleting Substances Record Book (ODS)  
RLM-121 MARPOL Annex I - Oil Record Book (Part I) - All Ships  
RLM-121A MARPOL Annex I - Oil Record Book (Part II) - Oil Tankers  
RLM-124 Ballast Water Record Book  
RLM-125 MARPOL Annex V - Garbage Record Book - Ships that do not carry Solid Bulk Cargoes  
RLM-125A MARPOL Annex V - Garbage Record Book - Ships that carry Solid Bulk Cargoes  
RLM-126 GMDSS Radio Log Book  
RLM-333 MARPOL Annex II - Cargo Record Book - Ship carrying NLS  
RLM-338 Operational Safety Checklist  
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