Public Record

The flag administration’s central office of the Deputy Commissioner, located in New York, maintains a public record of certain certificates and documents as specified by the Liberian Maritime Law. The certificates and documents are recorded in the form of a separate relevant index.

List of Public Indexes:

  • Certificates of Provisional Registry
  • Certificates of Permanent Registry
  • Instruments of Conveyance
  • Mortgage Instruments
  • Instruments of Bareboat Charter in accordance with Section 85

Documents Available to the Public:

  • Certificate of Ownership & Encumbrance (COE)
  • Mortgage Recording Index Page
  • Conveyance Instrument Recording Index Page
  • BCR Recording Index Page
  • FBCR Recording Index Page
  • Certified copies of Mortgage Instruments
  • Certified copies of Instruments of Conveyance

For additional information, please contact: or or any of the Registry’s regional offices.

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