What special qualification certificates (SQCs) must the officers and crew on a Liberian Flag vessel have in their possession?

The Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC) dictates the minimum number of officers and ratings that must be on board the vessel. The officers must have their appropriate licenses and the ratings must have their appropriate Special Qualifications (SQCs); i.e. ASDs and ASEs.
All officers and ratings must show proof of Basic Training Certification conducted within the last 5 years.
All acting ship security officers (SSO) on board a Liberian flagged vessel must possess the Liberian SSO Special Qualification Certificate (SQC).

I have a seafarer who has been issued valid Liberian documents. How do I renew or replace them?

You are able to renew your documents within a year of expiration by applying for “renewal” documents via SEA System. If valid documents have been lost, stolen, or damaged, you should apply for “replacement” documents. If documents have already expired, you will need to apply for “new” documents. For relevant pricing, please reference “SCD Pricing”. 

I am interested in working on a Liberian ship. Can I apply for documents before I am offered a job on a ship?

No. Only authorized Liberian FILING AGENTS can apply for seafarer documents. Applications sent by individual seafarers will be rejected. If you are a seafarer who will be working on a Liberian ship, please contact your employer if you are in need of Liberian documents.

How can I cancel an application once submitted? Am I able to cancel part of the application?

A request to cancel applications can be made either thought SEA System or by contacting the Seafarer’s Department Client Services. SEA System cancelation steps are listed in the User Guide starting on page 53. You are able to cancel multiple applications within a submission. Keep in mind that the entire application for a seafarer will be cancelled when requesting though SEA System. The associated CRAs are non-refundable as they are issued at the time of submission.

What is the difference between a Liberian License Endorsement and an original Liberian License?

A Liberian Endorsement is issued based off a National Certificate of Competence, issued to the seafarer by their national government, and recognized by the Liberian Registry. For Officer Endorsements there must exist a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two Governments and this MoU outlines which country recognizes which certificates. An original Liberian License is a Certificate of Competence issued to the seafarer by the Liberian government, upon successful completion of training and the examination process.

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