Training Center Approval

How to Apply for Liberian Training Center Approval

The process is a simple program consisting of a full-term document review. The first step entails a thorough review of the Administration and delivery of the training program.

Once the document review is successfully completed, a letter will be issued stating that the Administration has been awarded approval, which will be valid for five years.

The Registry may request an onsite review of the Administration’s training center at any time within the five year approval. As part of the onsite review, a demo station course will be observed and records will be verified, if requested.

In order to initiate the training center approval process, please submit the below listed information to Carl Drumgoole, Director of Training Programs Approval,

Please submit all files electronically.

  1. Name of the course;
  2. Complete name and address of the training center;
  3. Training center website;
  4. Email address of person to contact with inquiries concerning training and or each course;
  5. Full reference to code and regulation, scope, and objectives;
  6. Course material, including instructor and student guides and work books;
  7. Curriculum; material to be used (i.e., power point presentations, industry guides, videos, etc.; duration of the course; and course breakdown;
  8. CVs of the instructors; pictures of the classrooms and equipment;
  9. Method of record keeping; ISO certification, class certification and nation certification;
  10.  Audit results from the last external audit; and
  11.  Controlled self-assessment.

The approval process shall be completed on a cost recovery or commission basis. For more details please contact

Liberian Controlled Self-Assessment (CSA)

The Liberian Controlled Self-Assessment (CSA) is a required to maintain accreditation. The CSA must be filled out annually, signed, and submitted to Carl Drumgoole, Director of Training Programs Approval, for the training center’s file. The CSA is part of the IMO/ISO approved process for service providers. Failure to complete a Controlled Self- Assessment may result in loss of Liberian Maritime Training Center approval. 

All official Liberian certificates are issued by the Liberian Registry’s Virginia office. The approved training center does not issue Liberian certificates.  Proof of training certificates issued by an approved training center will be recognized by the Liberia Registry for the purposes of seafarer certification, provided the seafarer holding the certificate meets all requirements as per RLM-118. All seafarers must possess a Liberian seafarer book in order to be eligible to obtain Liberian documentation.  All seafarers must pass the Liberian COC exam in order to be eligible to obtain a Liberian COC.


For additional information regarding the status of an Administration’s training center approval, or if you have questions regarding the Controlled Self-Assessment, please contact:

Mr. Carl Drumgoole, Director of Training Programs Approval
22980 Indian Creek Drive, Suite 200
Dulles, VA  20166 USA

Tel:  +1 703 251 2470
Fax:  +1 703 790 5655

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