Liberian Shipowners’ Council (LSC)

The Liberian Shipowners’ Council Ltd. (LSC) is the national association of Liberian-flag shipowners. Membership enables shipowners to gain strength, through numbers, to better manage the significant threats and issues we are facing today, including:

  • Maritime legislation promoted by politicians who have limited knowledge or interest in marine transportation or the concerns of shipowners;
  • Regulations that vary by region, state, and port;
  • Threats to free trade and the ability to operate ships under an open register; and
  • Criminal liability resulting from pollution, security or safety accidents.

As the voice of Liberian-flag shipowners, LSC articulates and advocates shipowner and industry positions to the Liberian Registry and works closely with the Registry to implement shipowner cost reductions, while maintaining the high standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection, for which the Liberian fleet is renowned.

LSC members represent all sectors of the shipowner community, including but not limited to, oil tankers, product tankers, chemical tankers, orange juice carriers, latex carriers, gas tankers, container ships, reefer ships, general cargo ships, bulk carriers, car carriers, livestock carriers, heavy-lift vessels, deep-water drilling rigs, offshore support vessels, research vessels, and passenger ships.

LSC directly influences the outcome of rules and regulations that affect shipowners. As a member of the International Chamber of Shipping, LSC represented shipowners’ interests in Geneva during negotiations of the ILO Maritime Labour Convention. LSC is the only shipowner association dedicated to protecting the shipowners’ right to operate under an open register. This is one of the reasons why many shipowners, who are members of traditional national shipowner associations, are also members of the LSC.

A major advantage enjoyed by LSC members is that their voice can influence the vote at IMO and ILO. As the national shipowner association of the world’s largest white-listed register, LSC can ensure that its members’ positions are favorably considered by the Liberian Administration in the IMO and ILO voting process.


For more information about participating in the Council, or to receive our Information Bulletins and Advisories, please contact the General Secretary, Kierstin Del Valle Lachtman at

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