Vessel Mortgage Department

The Liberian Registry allows for mortgage recording against actively registered vessels as well as vessels under construction, so long as the mortgage meets the Registry standards.The pre-clearance formalities are user-friendly and help our clients ensure compliance with the Liberian law. Our recording procedures are simple and protect the interest of ship owners and mortgagees.

In order to record a Preferred Liberian Mortgage with the Liberian Registry, we require 4 original duly executed Mortgage Instruments, an original Memorandum of Particulars and one original Evidence of Authority from the vessel owner.

Liberia permits recording of the following instruments:

  • Preferred Mortgage;
  • Continuation Mortgage;
  • Mortgage recorded against a vessel that is laid-up or under construction;
  • Amendment of Mortgage;
  • Discharge of Mortgage;
  • Assignment of Mortgage;
  • Assumption of Mortgage;
  • Coordination & Subordination Agreements;
  • Fleet Mortgages
  • Financing Charter
  • Builder’s Certificates
  • Bills of Sale

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Svein Christoffersen, Manager, Vessel Mortgage Department
99 Park Avenue, Suite 830
New York, New York 10016-1601 USA

Phone: +1 212 973 3899
Fax: +1 212 697 5655

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