Vessel Registration Department

image The Liberian Registry is open to any shipowner in the world and accepts any type of vessel so long as it meets the Registry standards. The pre-registration formalities are user-friendly, and designed to meet international standards in relation to safety and documentation and to protect the interest of shipowners registering their vessels in Liberia.

In order to enter the Liberian Registry, a vessel must be less than 20 years of age and must meet the Registry’s safety standards. Vessel registration requirements, applications and forms are available online.

Liberia permits registration of the following vessels:

  • Vessels under construction, newbuildings and those transferring from other flags;
  • Vessels involved in international, coastal or domestic trading;
  • Offshore vessels; and
  • Vessels in lay-up.

In addition to registration where Liberia is the sole flag, dual flag registration on bareboat charter-in or bareboat charter-out basis is also permitted by the Liberian law.

The Liberian Registry’s vessel registration staff in Miami and the Registry’s regional offices are available to assist with the registration process and to explain all procedures.

For additional information, please contact:

Mr. Greg Maj, Chief Registrar
800 Waterford Way Suite 350
Miami, Florida 33126

Phone:+1 703 790 3434

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